iphone and ipad

VPN on ios device still have a big problem but Apple company added this Always ON VPN feature that forces your applications yo connect only through a VPN and protects customer’s privacy . Always ON VPN is basically designed for business organization .Always ON VPN feature only works with ios 8.0 or higher

NOTE: Make sure the device is set to “supervised mode ” .Before going further i strongly recommend you to make a backup of your ipad or iphone . Supervised mode , can only be enabled via configuration  profile . Here’s what you’ll need

  • Supervised iphone or ipad – Enabling Always ON VPN is not that simple on mobile device management server or configuration profile .This process will reset the device to default settings.
  • IKEV2 VPN – If you guys are setting up your own VPN server , use server that offers this type of VPN .
  • Mobile device Management Server – After supervised you need to enable this option via mobile device management server .In this method , you can remotely activate this option as an MDM server if your Iphone or Ipad managed via one .


  • Before going any further I want you to take backup of your device in case anything goes wrong .Connect to MACOS X computer , go into ITUNES and choose BACKUP NOW.
  • Disable the “Find my iphone ” or “Find my ipad” in your device settings >icloud , because you cannot go into supervised mode when this option is enabled and will instead see an error message .
  • Download and install Apple Configurator app from APPLE APP STORE .

apple configurator app

  • Connect the iphone or ipad to your mac and open APPLE Configurator app
  • Launch App and first provide name to your device .
  • Flip the “Supervision” slider to on
  • Provide name for your organization by clicking on “organization info” button .
  • Then Click the prepare button .


Apple configurator app will prepare the device as information given by you and supervise it .

how to enable always on vpn feature on iphone or ipad

When the process is finished GO to settings > General >Profile , you’ll find that your device is now supervised .

how to enable always on vpn feature on iphone or ipad

  • Now click on Supervise icon at the top of App window , with your iphone or ipad connected to the  same mac .
  • Then select the connected device , click the + button from right pane at the bottom of the profile and select “Create New profile ” .

how to enable always on vpn feature on iphone or ipad

  • In next window under connection type choose IKEV2 . Complete the other information details your VPN requires .Also provide the certificates your device will require .


  • Once profile created , enable it in the list and click on Apply button .

how to enable always on vpn feature on iphone or ipad

Complete! Your ios device will now stay connected to Always ON VPN feature even the screen is off . Your device is secure to browse .

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