One of the most common questions asks me is

“IS WINDOWS DEFENDER GOOD ENOUGH TO PROTECT MY PC ?” My answer is “NOPE  , BUT IT MIGHT BE SOMEDAY “. When you install Windows 10 or 8.1 , Windows defender comes built in .

Windows defender was intended as a stopgap , a minimum level of defense for windows users who hadn’t installed any antivirus software on Windows xp , vista or 7 . Microsoft antivirus (Windows defender ) is a bit behind the others when it comes to comparatives antivirus software test . The main is that it’s malware detective , to pull it plainly sucks . Well windows defender has a lot of advantages too . It comes built in , so windows defender won’t harass with you any pop-ups and requests for money and it won’t attempt to harvest your browsing data and make money from it , I researched that some free antivirus programs have started doing it in an attempt to make a profit . It’s lighter than competing antivirus . Like other antivirus , it also works by matching files with known malware , analyzing the behavior of unknown files . Many paid antivirus products and free ones work with browsers like Google chrome , Mozilla firefox , as well as Internet explorer to screen out harmful urls.Windows defender fails to do that . If you want the absolute best protection , then you have to pay a little bit for it .Kaspersky antivirus is consistent ranked at the top of various antivirus tests and if you want the best free protection , i think AVIRA free antivirus offers the best balance between protection and non- intrusiveness .

So if you want the best possible protection , look no further . Windows defender will automatically disable itself when you install third party antivirus and re-enable itself again if you remove your third party software .

To turn on / off Windows defender in Windows 8 or 8.1

  • Go to control panel .
  • And in search box type windows defender and select Windows defender in the result .

windows defender


  • Go to search panel with windows logo key +F and type Windows defender
  • Tap windows defender on the result page and turn on/off windows defender .

windows defender

To turn on/off Windows defender in Windows 10

  • Windows defender are now integrated into windows 10’s new setting app .
  • Open the start menu and select pc settings .


  • Then choose “UPDATE AND RECOVERY ” category and select Windows defender .


Windows defender automatically enables real time protection , cloud based protection and sample submission . Real time protection ensures windows defender automatically finds malwares or any virus by scanning your system . Cloud based protection and sample submission allow Windows defender to share threats information and actual malware files it detects with Microsoft .

In short :Windows defender isn’t bad but its better than nothing . It will never trick you into installing something you don’t want , and it will never nag you with ads .

IMPORTANT : SO whatever antivirus you choose guys , it won’t provide complete protection  . You’re going to end up in trouble at some point like if you download and run harmful programs . Good security hygiene is just as important than running antivirus so you don’t use it as an excuse to be irresponsible .


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