In this post we are going to learn how to recover , create , reset, remove, or delete Apple id.


  • Open the settings app in ios and head to itunes and app store.
  • Tap on the Apple id  text at the very top of the Store screen
  • Next tap on Sign out , when Apple id management pop-up window appears.

sign out

This logs out of the existing Apple Id , leaving the Apple Id sign in screen blank .Now you can log in to another apple account or create new Apple Id by tapping on the Create New Apple Id button .

sign in Apple id


You’ll need Apple Id for doing things like downloading and updating apps, making purchases from itunes and making face time calls.

  • Tap the settings app from the home screen

settings ios


  • Scroll down until you see the itunes and app stores entry.

itunes and app store

  • Then tap on the CREATE NEW APPLE ID

create apple id

  • Next step is to select the country you’re located in , confirm your selection and then next to proceed .
  • Next page will be of terms and conditions , scroll to the bottom of page and tap AGREE.

agree terms and conditions

  • Next give email-id and password , make sure your password is at least eight characters (including a number, uppercase and lowercase letter ) with no spaces.Your email-id will now become your Apple Id .
  • Payment method needs to be provided in the form of debit card (visa , mastercard or American express) itunes gift card.For free apps you will never be charged until you make a purchase of a paid app.
  • It will sent verification link to the email address you have provided .
  • Check your email and click on the link to verify your account .
  • Sign in with the email-id and password you provided earlier.You are now the newest owner of Apple Id.


  • While there’s no official way to delete your Apple Id account . But you can remove all your details from this ID .And you’ll lose access to your i cloud mail and i cloud drive storage .
  • Visit and sign in with your Apple Id .

apple id

  • Next to account section you will see Edit option click it .
  • Then click the X next to each of the email addresses you want to remove from the account .

apple id


  • First go to and click Forgot Apple Id or password .

apple id

  • It will take you to the page to enter your Apple Id associated with the account .
  • Click continue , then select I NEED TO RESET MY PASSWORD .
  • Next is how you want to reset your password by email or by answering a set security question .
  • Choosing the email method prompts Apple send the rescue link (create a new password) to the primary email.Security question requires you to confirm your birthday and answer some previously mentioned questions before you are able to create a new password .


  • Go to settings> Icloud and tap your name at the top of the page .
  • Then Password and security > Change password .
  • Enter your new password.



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