Have you ever, spent a long time filling out an online form and suddenly your computer froze and when you try to get back on that web page, found that you have lost all data that you had spent so much time typing? or after you submitted an online form , you were shown an error message and when you press back button all your data was lost?
Such situations are very frustrating , wasting all your time and have to fill out the entire form again. There is a very useful browser extension called LAZARUS ( available for both chrome and firefox browser. This browser app automatically save all data that you type in an online form and recover information if your computer crashes.

Once you have installed Lazarus in your browser , you will notice a small icon on the extreme right end of the input field when you are filling out any field in a form on a website. THis signifies that Lazarus is running in background and saving everything you type in the form .
Lets assume you are filling any form and suddenly your system crashes don’t worry reopen your browser to the same form and click on the Lazarus icon in the input field to recover the data that was saved by Lazarus.
ANd if you are worried someone else might use your computer and misuse your private data saved in lazarus , then you just have to enable security in such a way that you will be asked to enter a password to recover the data saved in lazarus. You can disable lazarus on certain websites from which you dont want it to record any data.
All these option can be accessed by clicking on the Lazarus icon on the input field of a form and then select Lazarus options.
So with Lazarus in your browser you don’t need to worry about losing any form data due to network error or system crash


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